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2018 Bikes or Bust Part 1

Giving Back

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2018 Bikes or Bust Part 2

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Left to Right,  Jonathan Mette (Technician),  John Thornton (Manager), JD (Owner), Brad Speakman (Technician), Kevin Monty (Technician)

Based in Okaloosa County,  Climate Engineers of Florida is committed to treating   every customer as a friend rather than an invoice number. Company values are based on honesty, reliability and long term partnership. Entrust Climate Engineers to give you a   Real Time   System Performance Analysis and very specific system design improvements. The goal on every job is make the home better than it is and do it fast and affordable. Call today to enroll in our Maintenance Program and become a part of the "Engineered Family"

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Choice Technical School , Fort Walton Beach

HVAC Board of Advisors 2018, 2019

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